Vỏ Case NZXT H5 Flow RGB White - Màu Trắng (CC-H51FW-R1)

Thương hiệu: NZXT Tình trạng: Hết hàng
Năm sản xuất: 2023 - Chịu trách nhiệm về sản phẩm Công ty Vietrender - HDSD: Lắp đặt với linh kiện tương thích, đúng quy trình - CBBQ: Sử dụng trong môi trường thông thoáng, tránh vào nước.
Số lượng:
  • The H5 flow features a perforated front panel to generate an extra dimension of airflow for maximum cooling. With optimized thermal performance and intuitive cable management, the H5 Flow is an ideal chassis for most builds.
  • Achieve dedicated GPU cooling with an optimally angled F120Q fan mounted at the bottom. The vented top panel exhausts hot air out of the case and supports up to two 120mm fans or one 240mm radiator. The perforated front panel supports up to two 140mm fans.
  • The H5 Series makes building simple with an intuitive and spacious cable management system. Wide channels enable easy routing for thick cables, plus built-in hooks and straps hold them in place. Tool-less access to panels allows for quick modifications.
  • The H5 Flow has a perforated front panel for better cooling potential, and the H5 Elite comes with a glass front panel and built-in RGB for a vivid look. Available color options include All White or All Black.

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